The Week Ahead

Today begins the first full week of our New Year. For many of us, we are getting back into the routine of daily life, heading back to work or school. Wondering what this year has in store for us. Our cards, The Great Spirit Wakan Tanka, Woodpecker, and Dream Catcher are here to let us know that there is opportunity everywhere. All we have to do is look for it. The Great Spirit Wankan Tanka tells us we are part of the universal life force, and more powerful than we know. All we have to do is ask the Great Spirit, then listen for the answer. Woodpecker tells us if stay focused and be determined we will get where we are going. We may fail a time or two, but if we don’t give up, we are half way to victory. Dream Catcher is here to tell us we need to do the work. Make sure we know all the details before we make any decisions. We will need to be discerning and use our intuition. We have a clean slate before us. The story we write is up to us.

Thank you, BJ, for our Week Ahead guest reading!

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