The Weekend Ahead

Here we are at the first weekend of the year. Things are finally settling down and getting back to normal. We are probably thinking about what this new year might have in store for us. We will have to wait and see, but for now, our cards are telling us it’s time to take a breath and get ready.

The card bringing us into the weekend is Catch your Breath. Of course, we all have things to do, but this card tells us to take some time and center. Regain our balance and look back over the year. Are the goals we were working toward in 2019 still what we want for ourselves? What did we learn? What do we need to let go? What do we want to keep? And, the biggest one, what do we need or want to do differently this year?

These questions aren’t always easily answered. The Big Picture tells us to be as objective as we can. Look at how we feel from different perspectives. There may be more going on than we think. If we are hanging onto a particular belief to hard, we could lose an opportunity to move in a better direction. Along with our time of reflection come the chance to Clear Out The Old. Moving forward while hanging onto the past is not going to work. This card invites us to release everything that doesn’t serve who we are working to become. Let go of limiting beliefs. Negative thought patterns, like the idea that our goals are unreachable because we aren’t good enough, or talented enough. That is just not true! Dare to dream. Learn from our experiences in 2019, then close the door and let’s get moving into 2020!

Have a fabulous weekend! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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