The Weekend Ahead

Our weekend has the potential to be a time of release. The cards that came up for us are the Ace and King of Swords with the Devil Reversed. I find it interesting that we have the beginning and the end of the suit of swords in this reading. It tells us we’re coming full circle on an issue. This suit is about our thoughts, intellect, and belief systems. What having both the Ace and King tell me is we are each going to have a breakthrough on some level. The sword is double edged. Sometimes it is cutting us a path to follow and other times it is cutting away what no longer serves out highest good. Occasionally that cut is doing both for us. By letting go we are finding our way. I believe that is what will happen for us. As you know Aces are a beginning, so our blade is cutting an opening, a moment of clarity that will get us moving in the direction of letting something or someone go so we can move forward.

Now we could rationalize away this clarity if we really want to. We could say this person or situation is not like that, it’s alright, I’m OK. But, the King of Pentacles is here to tell us to look at it straight on. Be willing to see the truth and go by the facts. To think with our heads, not our hearts.

When we do that the Reversed Devil is here to set us free. Upright this card tells us we are a prisoner to something or someone. Reversed we are breaking the chains and regaining control. Be prepared to make whatever changes are necessary. Change in any form is never easy. It might take discipline and commitment. But we can do it!

Thank you, BJ, for our weekend reading!

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