2020 by The Numbers and More

Welcome to my annual year ahead numerology post. I am taking this article a bit further this year. In addition to the numerology for the year and each month I will be giving moon phase, eclipse and retrograde information as well as a Tarot card for each month.

The process of change that began back in 2012 will continue in 2020. Twenty twelve was a five year; During that year of flexible energy things began to break loose, and every year since more and more of the old paradigm has come down. The transition bringing us into the Age of Aquarius has not been easy, nor will it be. The old systems must collapse so the new can be built.

When we look at the numerology of the coming year, we see first that it is 20/20, perfect vision. A year of perfect vision means we have a year of truth in front of us on a personal and global level. It will be a year of revelation and disclosure. We will see long buried truths coming to the surface. Expect a change in how we see ourselves, what our beliefs are, and how we choose to live. People may move away from narcissistic behaviors toward being real. Living their truth rather than buying into corporate expectations. Expect more people letting go of what doesn’t serve their highest good. This year of full disclosure also stands for corporations and governments. Expect eye opening, world changing truths.

We also see that 2020 is a master number year, 22/4. 11/2 is the number of the visionary who dreams of what could be. 22/4 is the master builder, the architect who will set about the process of constructing the future. What is coming is a very high energy year with great potential for growth and change. For that change to happen we as individuals and as a global community must be will to let go of the old way that no longer works so that there is room for the new. It may not be and easy process, but it is a journey we must take for ourselves, each other and this planet.


Month: I like that the year is beginning with a five month. Five is about flexibility, freedom and variety. This energy gives us the time and space to consider where we are and where we want to go in the weeks and months ahead. Think about it, set your goals and make your plans.

Moon: This month the moon is full on the 10th and dark on the 24th.

Eclipse: January 10th is the first eclipse of the year, and the first of four Penumbral Lunar eclipses. This one will be visible across most of Africa and the continent of Europe. Keep in mind  even though you may live where an eclipse is not visible, the energy is available for the entire planet to access.

Retrogrades: On January 11th Uranus will come direct after five months of being retrograde in Taurus. As this is an annual retrograde it will slip backward again in August of 2020. Periods of retrograde are perfect times for reflection. Uranus is a bit of a free spirit and enjoys putting us in positions where we must reflect on who we are and who we want to be. During the approximately 155 days of its backward journey old issues will likely come up and force our attention and action. Once direct we can take the things we learned, make our changes and move on.

Another retrograde is the North Node for the entire year. Both the north and south nodes deal with our karma, and interestingly, always travel in reverse. The North Node deals with the path we are here to travel in this lifetime, it’s challenges and lessons to be learned. This coming year the North Node is traveling through Gemini so our focus may be on communications that could lead to how we travel our path. Opportunities may arise that we have previously only dreamt of. Take advantage of these opportunities if possible because they may never come around again.


 The Two of Pentacles tells us we are moving into the new year considering our options, making decisions and finding the balance we need to move forward. Of course, we have some decisions to make but don’t rush. Be open and flexible, take time to consider your options carefully.



Month: February is a six month. This is a relationship number. Its energy is focused on loyalty, responsibility, devotion, truth and social awareness. Consider carefully where your loyalties lie this year.                                                                                                                                                              Moon: The moon will be full on the 9th and dark on the 23rd.

Eclipse: February has no eclipses this month.

Retrograde: From February 17th to March 10th we have the first of three Retrogrades of Mercury. During these weeks it is a good idea to be careful with all things having to do with communication. Back up your work on the computer. Make sure you have copies of important documents. Don’t make any big purchases or sign documents. This is also a good time to go within and give some thought to how we communicate with ourselves and others. Are we being clear, speaking from a place of love? How can we improve our communication skills?



The King of Pentacles is the card for the month. We made our decisions last month and now he guides us to be steady and stay in control as we move forward. Don’t take any short cuts on the journey. Develop a good plan and stick to it.


Month: This is a seven month for us. The energy is about using our intuition, and a search for knowledge and insight.

Moon: The moon will be full on the 9th and dark on the 24th.

Eclipse: There are no eclipses this month.

Retrograde: There are no planets going retrograde this month.


 The Page of Pentacles is our card this month, and one that may bring new ideas and opportunities to us. The Pages in the Tarot are messengers, and similar to Aces in that they bring new beginnings. The Page of Pentacles is a card of manifestation and inspiration. We may have a new idea or opportunity to help us reach our goals faster. Use the energy of this seven month to do any necessary research. Ask questions about any new opportunities.


Month: April is an eight month for us. Eight is the number of balance, abundance, structure, order, organization and power. As we move through the month, we may need to find a balance between our work and personal lives. Perhaps prioritize what is most important and just find better ways to get things accomplished.

Moon: Aprils moon will be full on the 8th and dark on 23rd.

Eclipse: There are no eclipses this month.

Retrograde: Pluto will be going retrograde in Capricorn on April 25th and will come direct on October 4th. When this planet is moving in reverse it is a time of purification. Hidden things come to the light to be dealt with. We are forced to look into our dark side in order to heal. This is generally a time of dramatic change in personal lives and for the planet.



The Eight of Wands is April’s card and things are clear sailing ahead. This card is about movement. Challenges have been overcome and we seem to have everything lined up and heading in the right direction.  As we move through the month, we will need to stay on top of things so that nothing slows us down.

Eight is a significant number this month. The numerology for the month is eight, the moon is full on the eighth and our card is an eight. Keeping things in balance and organized is going to be important this month. Be diligent, pay attention to details, make sure communications are clear and leave nothing to chance.


Month: The numerology for May is the nine. This is the energy of the humanitarian, compassion, tolerance, and completion. Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs. Be willing to see the larger picture and, if necessary, let go of something that no longer serves your highest good.

Moon: The full moon this month will be on the 7th and be dark on the 22nd.

Eclipse: There are no eclipses this month.

Retrograde: This will be a busy month for retrogrades. We have three planets, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn beginning their reverse journey through the evening sky.

On May 11th Saturn will being the series in the sign of Aquarius, and come direct on September 29th. Saturn is quite the uptight planet. If there is a rule for it, Saturn is going to follow. During its retrograde we are free from those restrictions and free to plot our own course, set our own boundaries. We are free to learn our lessons and move on in any way that works for us.

Venus is the second to go retrograde in Gemini on May 13th and it will come direct June 25th. When traveling in reverse the energy of this planet can send our emotions all over the place. During these weeks we may not know what it is that we really want. It is not uncommon for old loves to show up when Venus is retrograde. The key in this situation is to remember that an ex is an ex for a reason. It is also not a good time to begin a relationship either, because it may not last.

The final planet to start a reverse journey is Jupiter in Capricorn from May 14th to September 13th. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good fortune and knowledge. When retrograde our focus is on personal growth. It is a highly spiritual time, any area of our lives that needs attention will be highlighted. In Capricorn, cultural and social issues may come up for resolution.


The King of Pentacles came back to us this month. Keep your eyes on your goal, stay in control, and committed. If we keep working hard, and stick to the plan, it will pay off.



Month: We have a one energy pushing us this month. One is about new beginnings. It is bold, independent, and not afraid to take a risk. Get out there and blaze some trails this month!

Moon: The full moon will be on the 5th and the dark moon on the 21st.

Eclipse: We have an Annular Solar Eclipse on the June 21th, the day of the Summer Solstice. It will be visible across Central Africa and Asia. On this day it will be possible that big life events can happen. Anything that we haven’t resolved or left unfinished could come back for healing and closure.

On June 5th we will have our second Penumbral Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. There will be a focus on work and health.

Retrograde: We have two planets going retrograde in June.

The 18th is beginning of our second retrograde of Mercury, this one will be in Cancer and come direct on July 12. Since Cancer is the house of home and family, be careful what you say and how you say it!

Neptune will follow on June 23rd in the sign of Pisces, and return to forward movement on November 29. In retrograde Neptune give us the opportunity to clear away anything that no longer defines who we are or who we are becoming. This will require us to look honestly at where we are and where we want to be going.  But that is what retrogrades are for. This is a one month, let’s do the work and move forward!


This is an interesting card to come up for the month of June, the Four of Cups. In numerology the number four represents structure, order and creating a solid foundation on which to build. In the Tarot it represents opportunities that have been presented or ones that are coming to us. We don’t want to rush into any decisions this month. Use your intuition, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t take it. Wait for the right opportunity at the right time.



Month: We have a master number month for the month of July, 11/2. This number is like a double new beginning. It combines the masculine number one with the feminine number two. It is both bold, and intuitive. It is the visionary and the peacemaker. This is the lantern that lights the way to higher consciousness. Expect some interesting changes this month!

Moon: In July the full moon will fall on the 5th and be dark on the 20th.

Eclipse: We have our third Penumbral Lunar eclipse on July 5th. It will be visible across most of North and South America. Remember that eclipses are times of high energy and new beginnings. Being a high energy month, this is quite an opportunity to move forward.

Retrograde: We have an interesting retrograde beginning July 11th. It is not a planet, it’s the asteroid Chiron traveling through Aries. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and when retrograde it helps us become fully whole by bringing old emotional wounds from this and past lifetimes to the surface so we can work through them and heal. It may not be an easy time but one that will be well worth it.



I love that this card came up for July. When the Magician comes, it is to tell you to be determined. Don’t hold back this month. Be resourceful, use your skills and abilities to manifest the outcome you seek. You have everything you need. You are enough!



Month: The universal energy this month is three. This is the number of co-creation, creativity, joy, and self-expression. With this energy we can do anything we set our minds to!

Moon: The full moon in August will be on the 3rd and the dark moon will be the 19th.

Eclipse: We have no eclipses this month.

Retrograde: Uranus returns to its retrograde cycle on August 15th and won’t return until January 1st of 2021. This is a planet of liberation that encourage you to live authentically. It can also bring some pretty unexpected changes to our lives. When retrograde, Uranus is pretty much the same energy as it is when traveling forward. So, expect some shocking changes, especially around Halloween. Expect a more intense desire to move in the direction your heart leads.



I like that the Ace of Pentacles came up for August. It’s fun when an Ace comes to a reading because they speak to us about new beginnings. In the suit of pentacles, it is a beginning that could potentially be beneficial. Perhaps an offer of a new job, a new home, an idea that may take an existing project to a new level. The grey sky indicates a level of unknown information. So, it will be necessary to gather all the information you can and get the full scope before leaving a current situation. Stepping outside our comfort zone can be scary. We don’t want to do it unprepared.



Month: September is a four month. This energy is about putting things in order, getting organized and laying the groundwork for moving ahead. Perhaps we are taking last month’s new beginning and moving ahead with it!

Moon: The moon will be full on the 2nd and dark on the 17th.

Eclipse: We have no eclipses this month

Retrograde: This month we have Mars in Aries going retrograde on the 9th and it will come forward again on November 14th. Mars is very much a planet of action. It rules how we express our anger, our impulse behaviors and our motivations. When retrograde we need to slow down so we can think before we speak and before we take any actions. Not that there will be action to take. During Mars retrograde everything tends to slow down to the point that any forward movement seems to be going nowhere. Certainly not in a hurry. It would be a good idea to watch our temper and our words for these few weeks.



How interesting that we would get a card from the suit of sword when Mars is going retrograde. We did, and it is the Ace of Swords. Another new beginning. This one is in the realm of thought and beliefs. We are in an interesting space this month though. It is a four month so we are organizing and creating a foundation to build on but Mars is going retrograde. Chances are anything we begin isn’t going to move ahead without a great deal of struggle. We have a grey sky again indicating there are unknown elements to be dealt with. Our best bet for now is to dream, plan and get ready to move once Mars comes direct.



Month: October is a five month. Hang on, this could be quite a ride. Five likes freedom and variety. Be open and flexible. Plans could change very quickly this month.  Have a plan B ready!

Moon: We have a Blue Moon this month. Our first full moon will be on the 1st. Our dark moon is on the 16th and our Blue Moon will be on the 31st! The energy will be powerful, let’s hope the sky is clear so we can see it!

Eclipse: There are no eclipses this month.

Retrograde: We have our third and final retrograde of Mercury beginning on October14th in the signs of Scorpio and Libra. As we ride out these weeks, Scorpio may encourage us to be more expressive but being that it is Mercury retrograde, chances are this will cause more problems than we want to deal with if we are speaking our truth to someone that isn’t prepared to hear it. Libra is going to leave us frustrated. This may not be the most productive time we’ve ever had.



We have the Queen of Pentacles for our card this month. This lady is creative, practical and independent. She is a working Mom that holds down a job and can take care of her family too. When she comes to us, she is saying we can do it too. Use your skills and abilities in the best way possible, but don’t make foolish choices. Be practical and make sure all the bases are covered.



Month: We have another Master Number month ahead of us. This is 33/6, a very high vibrational number whose focus is intensified characteristics of the number three and six. It is highly creative, joyful and full of light. This is going to be a very interesting month!

Moon: Since last month had a blue moon, we have our dark moon first this month. It will be on the 15th and full moon is on the 30th.

Eclipse: We have our final Penumbral Linar eclipse this month on the 30th. It will be visible across North America and part of Russia.

Retrograde: There are no planets in retrograde this month.


The Hierophant is not the card I expected to come up for the month of November. It makes sense though, with this being such a high vibrational month. The message of the Hierophant is very practical. This is a card of change and communication. When it comes to a reading it speaks of tradition, convention and belief systems. We may feel the pull to blaze a new trail this month but the better choice could be to follow the established roads right now. There could be a change of attitude as a result of some kind of communication.



Month: The final month of the year is here and we have a seven energy to guide through. Seven is the number of knowledge, insight, wisdom and understanding.

Moon: The final dark moon will be on the 14th and the last full moon is on the 30th

Eclipse: There will be a Total Solar eclipse on December 14th. It will be visible across a narrow band of the southern hemisphere.

Retrograde: There are no planets in retrograde this month.



It’s been a long journey from January to December. Our card for the month, the Ten of Wands, tells us we may be feeling a little battle worn and ready to quit. In the Tarot the tens are transition cards. An ending and a beginning. Hang in there, we’re almost done. We’ve overcome so much this year, stay strong we have one more battle to go and we can begin anew!

I hope you have enjoyed this overview of our new year ahead. It will be exciting, frustrating, challenging, and very memorable.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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