The Week Ahead

This week is one of the happiest, most stressful of the year. While we are looking forward to spending time with family and friends, the planning, shopping, traveling and preparation involved can leave our nerves raw, and tempers on the edge of meltdown. This seems to be evident in the mix of cards in the reading for our Week Ahead.

The underlying energy of the week is kind of dreary, and is from the Five of Pentacles. When this card comes up it can mean the loss of something important. In Numerology, five teaches us to be flexible and keep moving. Be prepared for anything. Have a plan B!

The Princess of Wands begins our week and this is pretty cool. The Princesses are messengers of new beginnings, and the wands are about growth, creativity and passion. We could get some good news this week, or have an idea for a new project. They are also about youthful excitement and enthusiasm. This can sometimes cause us to leap into things without thought. Don’t go rushing off after an idea without making sure there is a good action plan first. We don’t want that Five of Pentacles stepping in. On the lighter side do allow your inner child out to enjoy the time with family and friends.

The King of Cups came to our reading to help us through the stressful times the week may bring. He is kind, creative, successful and in absolute control of his emotions. With all that is going on this week between work, family and the holiday, not letting emotions get the better of us is a good thing. It will allow for balanced judgment and clarity of thought to find the best way to deal with unexpected situations.

Our week is beginning with the potential for a loss of some kind, and is ending with another, the Ten of Swords. When this card comes up in a reading there is a potential for betrayal or the complete breakdown of plans in a way we did not see coming. While not everything can be controlled, we can control how we react. It may look as if everything has fallen apart, but instead of feeling sorry for ourselves or worrying. We have the guidance of the Five of Pentacles, the Princess and the King to help us be flexible, keep a clear head and find a creative answer for the problem.

Have a blessed week ❤ Sharon

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