The Weekend Ahead

I thought that since the Winter Solstice is this weekend, I would do something a bit different. Instead of a weekend read, I did one for the seasonal change. This particular spread gives guidance for periods of big change in our lives. The read asks four questions about the approaching change.

  • What is this change asking me to let go of?
  • What do I need to remember or hang onto?
  • What will help me accept this change?
  • What is this change teaching me?

The card that came up to answer the first question is the Three of Pentacles. As we move through the winter season, we may feel like we are carrying the burdens ourselves, like we are responsible for it all. The message this card has is that we are not taking this journey through life alone. If we are feeling put upon in our work or personal life, perhaps it is because we aren’t asking for help. The Three of Pentacles is a card of creation, and abundance through collaboration. Asking for advice or help doesn’t make anyone appear weak. Teaming up with people whose skills complement our own is a pretty smart thing to do!

Our second card, the Five of Pentacles, answers what we need to remember. That message is, even if we have a stellar team, it isn’t going to be clear sailing. There are going to be obstacles and problems to overcome, but don’t give up, keep going. The number five energy helps us be flexible. Rethink the plan and keep going!

I love the card that came up to answer the third question what will help us accept the change that is coming? It is the Six of Cups. This card is about love, harmony, happy memories and relationships. Connecting with people that love and care for us unconditionally will be the greatest support.

Our final card shows us what lesson there is for us going through the upcoming season, and it is coming from the Three of Swords. Not the happiest of cards, but like the Five of Pentacles, a reminder that life isn’t always easy. Sometimes life hurts. People occasionally say or do things that cause us pain. We will get through it with the help of our family and friends, and if we don’t give up, forgive, heal, let go of what doesn’t work and keep going, we will be good.

It looks like it is going to be an interesting season! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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