The Week Ahead

The energy of the transformative Full Moon/1212 Portal is still with us as we move into another high vibrational week culminating with the Winter Solstice. The card and message taking us through the week is Tribal Spirit Dancer. I love this card; it encourages us to live life on our own terms. What a wonderful, exciting and potentially scary thought. It is so easy to settle for what is, instead of taking a risk to get somewhere better. Our card tells us, life can be complicated, messy and scary, but we should never let that stop us from living the lives we dream of. There is always a way to make it happen.

The three cards following Tribal Spirit Dancer are Nature Spirits, White Buffalo and Dream Traveler. When Nature Spirits comes to us, it is to remind us not to worry. There are things going on working for our benefit that we may be unaware of. Be open to life’s magick. The White Buffalo is sacred to Native American culture. It is a symbol of Abundance, Security and balance. It tells us anything is possible right now.

Our final card is Dream Traveler and it is telling us to trust our intuition, and pay attention to our dreams. They may hold guidance and messages that will help us move forward. We are on the right path even if we are not seeing it right now. All we need to do this week is be open to possibility, and willing to take a chance.

Have a fabulous week!  Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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