The Weekend Ahead

The influence of full moon and its companion, the 1212 portal are ushering in a weekend of introspection. Whether we are dealing with a troublesome issue in our lives or we’re wondering what the new year is going to have in store, the energy leading the way is The Big Picture. When this card comes up it is to let us know there is more going on that we are aware of. Taking any action at this time might not be a good idea. Let things flow, pay attention to what is happening and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Until we fully understand all of what is happening, we can’t make the best choice.

What is the best choice for us? The second card that came up is Be Your best Self Always. It asks, Am I the person I want to be? Am I my best self? This can be a hard question to answer honestly. Our ego may chime in and say Of Course! But, are we living the lives we want or the one society would have us accept? Are we living in fear, or joy? This card is a challenge to be more, do more, to step out of our comfort zones and not settle for anything less that living our best life; whatever that may be.

So how do we get there? The last two cards that came up can help point the way. They are Higher Ground and Inner Truth. The guidance they have for us is to get some perspective. Step out of any emotion the situation may hold and get a good objective look at it. I love the image of Higher Ground. The best view is always from the highest point around. It allows us to see what we might have missed. Inner Truth tells us clarity is coming. Watch for signs and opportunities as we answer the questions, what do we really want and need in our lives? They will lead to the perspective that will help us make the correct decision.

Have a fabulous weekend ❤ Blessed Be, Sharon

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