The Week Ahead

As we build up to the final full moon of the year this week, our cards have us reflecting on our lives, looking for clarity and possibilities for our individual futures.

The energy taking us into our week is Walking In Beauty. When this card comes to you, it is a reminder to see the wonderful things around you as well as in you. It is very easy to look at ourselves and see what we didn’t accomplish this year rather than the amazing things we did. It’s easy to look around and see what is wrong. Walking In Beauty tells us not to speak negatively about where we are. Instead find a place of balance.

From here we can move forward with Shape Shifter. This is a card of transformation that lets us know we can be and do anything we want. Our past doesn’t have to define us or our future. It is simply the past. All we have to do is shift our perspective. Spirit of Air is the next card that came up for our week. This one is about clarity. It asks us to get rid of any mental clutter. let go of what doesn’t serve our highest good. Pay attention to what is going on, to how we feel and watch for signs pointing us to our next step. The final card for our week ahead is Spirit Keeper of The North. The message this card has for us is to take some time to think. The answers we are looking for are near. We just have to know where we want to go and consider the possibilities that can get us moving in that direction.



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