The Weekend Ahead

With the week and it’s mix of activities behind us, we head into a weekend of new, potentially unexpected, situations. The Arrow speaks to us of a surprise. Whether an unexpected event creates a new path for us, or a roadblock to our plans remains to be discovered. We are going to have some work to do. This is where our cards, Beaver and Taikomol, God of Rain come in to help us.

Beaver is a perfect combination of creativity and focused attention to a goal. He is a builder and a problem solver. He brings a message to be practical as we move through the weekend. Look for the best, most efficient options. Have a plan, then get to it. Taikomol, God of Rain is here to let us know this is not going to be a quick fix, it’s going to be a process. Be prepared to commit. Once the seed of opportunity has been planted and watered, we are going to have to nurture and tend it if it is to grow to completion.

Thank you, BJ, for your Weekend Ahead guest Reading!



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