Garnet in The Morning Light

Today’s crystal discussion is about Garnet. Most people are familiar with this red stone. There is, however, much more to know. Garnet is one of those crystals that has been in use for so long, that it is difficult to pinpoint when it was discovered or by whom. Sadly though, history brushed it aside in favor of the ruby. The Celts, however, loved garnet and used it often in jewelry making, and for other decorative uses. It’s also not a single type of stone. It is a group of stones which vary in color depending on mineral content, and how it grows.

There are six main types of Garnet, they are:

  • Pyrope, which are ruby to dark red.
  • Almandine which are dark red to red brown.
  • Andradite, which are brown, black or green.
  • Spessartine which are pink, brown or orange
  • Uvarovite which are green.

Within each of these groups there are subgroups, making this an interesting family. They can be found in many countries around the world such as Madagascar, Canada, Italy, Czech Republic, So. Africa and here in the US, to name a few. They are a sturdy 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale and they resonate very well with the Root Chakra.

Each specific type of Garnet, these particular samples are Almandine, have their own qualities, but as a group they have qualities in common. Some of these are:

  • They have a grounding, protective energy. Almandine has a very grounding and protective energy.
  • They help balance the mind and the emotions.
  • They give strength, and courage to move through difficulties. Almandine increases willpower.
  • They help you stay committed.
  • They help you detox from negative emotion.
  • They aid past life recall.
  • They help let go of life patterns and beliefs that no linger ser your highest good.
  • they encourage truth.
  • They help improve circulation.
  • They help liver issues.
  • They help reduce toxins in the body.
  • They are known as a stone to support love and relationships.

This wraps up our introduction to the Garnet family. If they seem like something you would like to work with, I encourage you to acquire a piece and give it a try. Remember that crystals and minerals are here to enhance our lives. I am in no way suggesting anyone leave allopathic medicine. Rather the purpose of these weekly crystal articles is to offer alternative options to enhance your lives and the healing process.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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