The Week Ahead

For many people here in the United States this will be a short work week as we have Thanksgiving on Thursday. Spending time with loved ones can be wonderful, but also stressful. Whether it is a family relationship issue or a work issue, this week’s energy could be amplified by some very intense cards that came up for our Week Ahead. We have Supermoon, Waxing Cresent Moon, Full Moon in Scorpio and Full Moon in Aries.

We have the Supermoon starting our week off with some very high energy. This card tells us something we’ve been waiting for is close. Be aware of what is going on and take action if an opportunity we’ve been waiting for comes along.

With the Supermoon carrying us through the week our emotions could be very high, resulting in some sticky situations. This is exactly what these two Full Moons, one on Scorpio and the other in Aries, could do if we don’t reign them in this week. Both are very intense signs. Aries is a fire sign and can be forceful as they are passionate and extremely confident. Scorpio is very passionate and determined. Fortunately, we have the Waxing Cresent Moon telling us to focus on what we want, what is important and let the situation unfold. Taking action too quickly could only make things worse.

Whether it’s our personal or work lives, our best action for the Week Ahead is to be aware that emotions may be high and keep a close watch on situations that could go sideways. Focus on what we want, while at the same time letting the issues play themselves out. It will be important in this last day before the Dark Moon to let go of any negativity that is blocking us. And, don’t let our attitude get in the way. Be willin to compromise. Be kind, be nice and don’t overstep our bounds.

Have a fantastic week. Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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