The Week Ahead

The underlying energy of our week ahead is celebration, as we have the Three of Cups in this position. When this card comes up we can expect good news. Perhaps a new job, a promotion, maybe an old friend we haven’t heard from will give us a call. This is a card of joy, happiness, and abundance. And, it’s what is driving our week!

It may not seem like we’re in a celebratory place as we begin our week with the Reversed King of Cups. We may be in a mood today, have a bad attitude, be angry, bitter or unkind. There is a possibility someone we come into contact with could be this person. Whether it is us or someone else, it will be important to get some clarity on the emotion to understand the why of it and what can be done about it.

This brings us to our next card, the Knight of Wands. The suit of Wands is about growth, ambition and being fearless. The Knight is about action. When our knight comes up in a reading, he is letting us know that a quick decision may be necessary. Focus will be required to ensure we don’t act impulsively and make a foolish decision. We’re going to want to think before we act, but we can’t be afraid to act.

We have the energy of the Queen of Wands rounding out our week. This lady is bold, independent, determined and courageous. when she comes to a reading, she is there to encourage action. She tells us to take that chance. If we know what we want to do this week, do it. Make a plan and step out.

We have a lot of good energy going for us this week. The only challenge we will have is how we react to whatever negative energy hit us. If we can get some perspective and overcome it, we can make something happen!

Have a fabulous week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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