The Weekend Ahead

The weekend could have us feeling a little vulnerable. But, if we stick with it, we will be alright. The first card to come up for us is the Eight of Disks. This card encourages us to be diligent and focus on doing what we can. It is a card of structure and balance. Our second card is the reversed Ten of Disks. When reversed, it can make us feel stuck. We may be facing unexpected challenges this weekend which leave us wondering if we’re ever going to get it done. Fortunately, we have the Queen of Wands to guide us. She is about courage, passion, and determination. She lets us know we shouldn’t be afraid to take on this challenge. Together our Queen and the Eight of Disks tell us to stick with it. If we restructure our priorities and focus on what we can do rather than what is not working; we’ll get a better view of the light at the end of the tunnel, and how to get there.

Thank you, BJ, for our guest weekend reading!!


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