The Week Ahead

Even with change nipping at our heels, we can sometimes feel stuck. Whatever choice had to be made or opportunity that may have presented itself over the weekend could be the source of our feeling lost about what to do next. This is emphasized by the underlying energy of the coming days with the South Node as our Monday card. Where the Noth Node tells us, we are heading in the right direction, the South Node is here to tell us changes must be made. We could very well be hanging onto something that would serve us better to release. With the Full Moon on Tuesday and Wednesday, we are in the right place at the right time to reflect on what we might be hanging onto unnecessarily and free ourselves of it. Being honest and willing to see what area of our lives needs to change will help us take the steps necessary.

Acknowledging the process of letting go is often easier said than done, Full Moon in Leo came up for as our Tuesday card. Isn’t that interesting! When he comes to a reading, Leo reminds us no matter what is going on, to not let our pride or our ego keep us from doing what needs to be done. As emotional as whatever our situation may be, staying objective will help us more than letting a flood of emotion into the mix. Get advice from a trusted friend or co-worker if necessary, decide what the best move is, then make it.

The synchronicity is amazing. We had a full moon card come up for today as well. This one is Full Moon Eclipse. An eclipse shines a light on the aspects of our lives that need to change. When this card comes to a reading it tells us whether we made the change or the universe forced it on us because we didn’t act when we should have, a situation we’ve been dealing with may now be out of our control. We can’t beat ourselves up about it. what is done is done; all we can do is let the situation unfold. See how it plays out before deciding how to react. Chances are there is nothing we can do about it. Our best option is going to be making any adjustment we can and work to get back on track.

Thursday brings us Void of Course. A void of course moon is like a resting place. At this point the moon makes no aspects to any of the planets. The message for us today is let it be. Hopefully by this time we have done all we can, released what no longer serve us, and we have adjusted our plans and expectations for moving forward. So, it’s time to take a break. We may be imagining the worst care scenario, but don’t worry, nothing will come of it. Either willingly or not, the universe will always bring us to the place we need to be. It’s just a nicer journey if we go with the flow.

Enjoy the full moon this week. Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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