The Weekend Ahead

With Mercury being retrograde and the approaching Full Moon encouraging us to let go of what no longer serves our highest good, the pressure of change is getting heavier, don’t be surprised if things are begining to feel more and more as if something is about to break as we move into our weekend. Chances are it is going to be an intense couple of days.

The underlying energy for the weekend ahead is coming from the Eight of Wands. This is always a welcome card. It tells us things are falling into place and it’s time for action. We’ve got clear sailing ahead but It’s not going to be that easy.

Friday begins with the King of Wands. When he comes to a reading, an opportunity may present itself and we should take the lead and make it happen. The problem is we may have too many opportunities to choose from, as the Seven of Cups Reversed is also here. This could be a struggle. We’re feeling the urge to get going, yet we could be paralyzed because we’re having a hard time deciding what to do.

The final card for the Weekend Ahead is Death. This is an ominous card, but not one to be feared. He is here to help point the way. When Death comes riding in,  quick changes follows behind him. He talks to us about letting go of old thoughts and beliefs. Let go of what isn’t working. It is time for something new.

Clearly, a decision needs to be made so we can get moving. The best way to do that is by process of elimination. We need to stay grounded and focused on what we want long term. This isn’t time for day dreaming or making a quick turn around. If we take choices that don’t really resonate with us and our goals out of the picture. We will get a little clarity. Then all we have to do is ask ourselves what our heart really wants, and choose what best meets that dream. Time to get to work!

Have a great weekend! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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