The Week Ahead

The energy we are up against as our week begins is coming from the Eight of Swords. We might be feeling like we are trapped in a situation, powerless or helpless with no way out. It could very well be we’ve brought this on ourselves through our own limited thoughts or beliefs about what we are dealing with. We might also have given our power away and now we are subject to someone else’s. Fortunately, this isn’t going to last. We are not without options. Eight is about power, balance and structure. We also have the Page of Pentacles and the Ten of Wands to guide us through the next few days.

The first thing we’re going to want to do is take the blindfold off and look around. The Page of Pentacles tells us we have opportunities. We just need to find them. This card is all about new beginnings, inspiration, focus and being diligent. We also have the universal energy of a Three Day to lift our moon and help us find creative solutions to whatever we are working on. Examine all the possibilities and choose what will work best and get moving.

As we move into Tuesday, a Four Day, we are doing the work. The four energy and the Page will be helping us stay on track, organized and focused on getting the job done. Wednesday could bring us some unexpected kinks. it’s a Five Day so we have to expect the unexpected. That is why we stay flexible, have a plan B, and the Ten of Wands.

We could be feeling the pressure as we move through Wednesday and Thursday, but don’t give up. The Ten of Wands tells us to keep going because the end is in sight. It’s not our job to carry the whole burden. Prioritize and delegate where possible and let go completely of things that we don’t have to worry about right now. If a break is needed, take it, just get back in the flow and keep on moving. We’ll get there!!!

Have a fantastic week! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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