The Weekend Ahead

It’s not often that we get three Major Arcana cards in a reading, but we did today and they are reversed. The Major Arcana take us through the big life lessons and karmic influences of our lives. The things that take time to work themselves out. Both Initiation and The Druid Reversed are telling us that something may not be feeling quite right today. Chances are we’ve felt it for a while and have been trying to ignore it or keep ourselves busy so we didn’t have to think or do anything about it.

Whether it’s a personal or professional issue, it could be coming to a head today and it is time to do something about it. Maybe we’ve been putting off a serious conversation, we could be facing a scary health issue, or we’re feeling stuck or unhappy in a job or relationship. The solution could be as simple as opening ourselves to new possibilities and being less rigid in our thoughts and beliefs. To do that Rebirth is asking us to be honest and accept that it was probably our own decisions that brought us to this point, and our fear and resistance to change are keeping us here. So, it is our responsibility to fix it.

We have to understand that whatever needs to change, it is not going to happen quickly. There are, more than likely, other people involved. This means conversations will have to be had, plans will be made and there will be work to do; within ourselves and with other people. Change is never easy, especially the big ones because they can be pretty scary but if it means getting back to a good place, it’s always worth it.

Thank you, BJ, for the weekend guest reading!


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