Shungite in The Morning Light

Today’s crystal, Shungite, is rare, old, and is such a useful stone everyone should have in their collection. There are reports of Shungite being found in Austria, India and Central Africa, but historically Shungite is only found in the Karelia region of Russia near the village called Shunga.

It was discovered and has been in use by the people of the area for generations. What is amazing about this stone is that it is almost entirely Carbon. The same mineral in graphite and eventually becomes a diamond if put under huge amounts of pressure. There are two different types of Shungite. Both are black and work well with the Root Chakra, but Noble Shungite, sometimes called Elite, has a slightly metallic sheen to it. Regular Shungite is a deep black and is 30 to 50% organic carbon. It has a Mohs scale of 4 so regular Shungite can be worked fairly easy. Noble Shungite is over 90% Carbon and this makes it very fragile. So fragile that it must be hand mined and is only sold in raw cut pieces.

I mentioned earlier that this stone is very useful. Its high Carbon content makes it an incredible purifier and cleanser. What makes this stone so special is it has something called “Fullerenes” which have powerful healing ability. It cleans the ick from all aspects of our lives! If you put a piece of Shungite in water it will remove nearly all of the harmful bacteria, chemicals, metals, and microorganisms. From what I’ve found in my research, it can even filter fluoride out of the water! Drinking 2-3 glasses of Shungite water a day can help reduce harmful microorganisms in your body.

I read that Czar Peter made trips to the region to drink the water purified by the stone. He is said to have set up a spa in the area near Lake Onega to make use of the water. As a purifier it will also remove negativity from your life, your thoughts and even toxic people from your life.

Another negative aspect of life that Shungite can help us with is EMF protection. Putting a piece near your computer, televisions, cell phones and even on your refrigerator will shield you from these nasties.

Black crystals and minerals have protective qualities and this one does also. I read that it actually places an energetic cloak around you so that the bad stuff can’t find you. I haven’t been working with it long enough to verify that claim, but I must say having it on my desk as I work makes me feel more in control and focused. It does this by easing anxiety and helps you focus energy to flow more smoothly.

Shungite is also said to increase psychic ability and to help you understand your place in the world; to see our past more clearly so we can understand why we may have missed goals, then help us make correctios so we can get back on track.

This brings our introduction to Shungite to a close. If you find the possibility of working with it interesting, I encourage you to visit your local metaphysical or crystal shop and purchase a piece. Keep in mind that these posts are meant to be informative only. I do not suggest in any way that you leave the wonders of allopathic medicine if that is what you choose. I do these posts to offer alternatives for your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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