Today’s Daily Draw

It looks like we might be in the position of having to be a peacemaker. Today’s cards are Kokopelli The Demurge and The Calumet. Kokopelli is a God of fertility for the Southwestern tribe of the Hopi and Zuni people. When he comes to a reading, the message is to take a risk. The Calumet is a large ceremonial pipe used when people are forming alliances or when coming to an agreement between tribes. The two cards are letting us know we may be faced with a situation where an alliance is necessary to solve a disagreement. Don’t be afraid to step up and use your skills as a problem solver to find a peaceful solution. We have the skills; we just have to be brave and take the lead. If we are going to make any headway today.

The numerology of the day is doubly interesting. We have a Five Day ahead of us and the card number is 14 which reduces to a five! The energy is about action, movement and being flexible. So, get out there and take charge!

Bloodstone is the crystal choice for the day, and is a perfect choice at that. Bloodstone gives us courage, strength and clarity of mind. These are just the qualities we need today.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!

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