Moldavite in The Morning Light

I honestly thought I’d done a post about today’s crystal, Moldavite. I looked for notes and the finished post but, found nothing, so here we go!

Moldavite is a very high energy, rare and expensive type of Tektite. A natural glass that, unlike Obsidian, is the result of a meteor impact to the Earth. It gets its name from the Moldauthein region of the Czech Republic where it is found. Moldavite is dark green in color and slightly translucent. On the Mohs scale it ranges from 5.5 to 6. It works with all the Chakras, but works very well with the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

This crystal has an intense energy, and is not one that everyone can handle. Many people can only work with for short periods of time. It is an activator crystal so get ready for transformation and awakening when working with it. It is said that Moldavite can sometimes bring instant change. When worn over your heart, it will show you the reason and purpose you came to this lifetime. It removes negative past life energy, spirit attachments and enhances psychic ability. Some of the other amazing qualities of this crystal are that it:

  • Helps you lucid dream
  • Helps protect when astral traveling
  • Helps you move through dimensions
  • Calms doubt
  • Increases synchronicity in your life
  • Helps strengthen your ability to receive and understand guidance from your higher self and spirit guides.
  • Helps you stay on track with your life path.
  • Helps you let go of unhealthy ideas and habits.
  • Helps you do past and future life work.
  • Helps prevent negative energy form having contact with you.
  • Helps heal old and past life emotional wounds.
  • Helps heal dis-ease in the body.
  • Great to use in meditation.
  • Make a great pendulum.

This is a short list of the ability of Moldavite to improve your life. It is said that it can even slow the aging process by causing the cells in the body to reset to their original state of health.

Something I want to talk about is that because Moldavite is so rare and beneficial to work with, there are a lot of fakes in the marketplace. There are sellers who will claim to be offering real Moldavite and even include a certificate of authenticity, that are not genuine at all. It is very important to know and trust your source. Some of the ways to know whether it is in fact genuine Moldavite is to:

  • If it came from anywhere other than the Czech Republic, it’s probably fake. It’s found no where else.
  • If it is inexpensive, it’s probably fake. Because this crystal is in short supply; even small pieces are quite expensive.
  • Being formed as the result of the heat of a meteor impact, real Moldavite may have bubbles in it.
  • Hold it! The energy of Moldavite cannot be faked. You will fell a rush of intense energy and it may cause you to be a bit dizzy and flushed in the face.

This brings the introduction to Moldavite to a close. If you find the possibility of working with it interesting, I encourage you to visit your local metaphysical or crystal shop and purchase a piece. Keep in mind that these posts are meant to be informative only. I do not suggest in any way that you leave the wonders of allopathic medicine if that is what you choose. I do these posts to offer alternatives for your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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