Today’s Daily Draw

We have an interesting combination of cards, Elk and Snow Goose, leading off our week. Their message is one of stamina, overcoming obstacles, love, and devotion. Elk are very powerful animals with a lot of stamina. The Snow Goose is a very loyal and devoted bird. Together they tell us to be careful with our resources today. We may be working on something that could consume a lot of our time and energy. Our best bet is to take care of what needs attention and not try to push ahead. The choices we make in relation to our situation today should be based on whatever our relationship is to the issues and people involved.

The Universal Number today is Nine. This is a transitional number. Nine brings us an ending and a beginning. Keep that in mind as we move through our day. The crystal choice is Carnelian. This crystal gives us courage and will help stay motivated.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!

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