The Weekend Ahead

Our weekend is a time to take stock of where we are and where we want to be going. It could be we are considering a change of career or a move to another city or state. We could even be thinking about a relationship, and wondering what is next. Whatever it is that we all have on our plate; our cards are telling us to give it some thought. Inner Truth came up and guides us to go within and understand how we truly feel about the situation. Contemplation is here to encourage us to take some time to be alone with our thoughts. What is it that we want for our lives and our future? It is only by being honest with ourselves about what we want that we can make good decisions about how to get on the path that will take us there. This time of reflection leads us to Fresh Approach and it is here to let us know that perhaps it is time to look at things in a new way. It asks if we have been thinking too small or not taking risks because we are worried about making a mistake. Once we understand how we feel and what we want, we shouldn’t feel limited in how we go about making our plans. Look for new opportunities to showcase skills and abilities. Be willing to take a risk. There is always a possibility of making a bad choice, of failure. But this is part of the process, try something new!

Have a fabulous weekend! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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