Today’s Daily Draw

Occasionally we put ourselves in situations that we aren’t prepared for, and because we aren’t, things won’t go as planned. This is what our cards are telling us. A Time for Healing is the first card to come up today and it is here to let us know that things are changing. Maybe not as quickly as we’d like, but that is probably a good thing right now. Chances are we are hanging onto the after effects of something we’re having trouble letting go. Perhaps we feel as if we’ve failed in our personal or professional lives. Maybe it was an argument with someone we love, a decision we are ashamed of, self doubt, judgement or our beliefs could be off track. Whatever the issue might be for each of us, we need to let it go and heal. That is what it is going to take to move forward, and it is the message of our second card. The void of course moon tells us Nothing Will Come of This. When this card comes up it is to let us know we need to adjust our thinking or our plans. Take some time out today to think; to rethink the situation. We may find that what we thought we wanted isn’t at all what the universe had planned for us. Perhaps there is something better has been waiting for us to be ready. Maybe we are rushing when we need to be patient and just let things play out. Patience often builds confidence. Our final card for the day is Luck is on Your Side, and tells us that it is time to be more open minded. Whatever is going on right now is a gift and will be a good thing in the long run. Everything will work out perfectly. It begins by letting go of what doesn’t serve us and taking a look at things from a different perspective.

The Universal Number to help us is awesome. We have an 11/2 day. This energy is the light to higher thinking, it’s the visionary! It will help us step back and see what is and is not helping us. Then what we need to do in reaction to it.

I chose Moonstone as the crystal to help us today. Moonstone has a lovely calming energy that helps us restructure our lives for the better.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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