Today’s Daily Draw

As we move through our day, we might feel like things are going wrong, or we’re losing something we don’t want to lose. It’s all good, though, we have our main card, the Five of Pentacles with the Ten of Pentacles as our underlying energy.

At first glance our main card appears a pretty dismal prospect for the day. Take heart, it’s going to be alright. The five energy is about movement and flexibility. There is a lot of black, and grey in our card; telling us there are things going on that we may not know about but we are protected. White is a color of purity and innocence. Combined this card tells us we are moving through a situation we may not like or understand, but we will be alright because we have our bottom card, the Ten of Pentacles giving us the energy of accomplishment and security. In the Tarot the number ten is about completion. In the suit of Pentacles, it tells us we did the work and good things are coming to us as a result.

We may have to let and idea, a project, plans or something else go today. Perhaps not permanently, maybe it isn’t the right time and we can try again later. But today, we need to let it go to move ahead.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a master Number day. We have the 11/2 energy. This is the gateway energy and is about harmony and enlightenment. It is just what we need today!

Today’s Crystals

I couldn’t decide between Amethyst and Citrine, so I chose both. We have Ametrine, which is a combination of both. The energy helps focus, intuition, and creativity, as well as the very helpful qualities of the Quartz family.

Have a wonderful day. Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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