Today’s Daily Draw

 As we can see the reversed bottom cards just keep coming. Today we could have some unresolved issues keeping us from moving into a place of happiness. Our Main card is the Ten of Cups with the underlying energy being the Six of Swords Reversed.

Our main card is hinting that everything we dreamed is coming true. That we have achieved our goal. This is a stage card, though, and our bottom card, the Six of Swords, is reversed. Telling us there is likely to be some kind of resistance to accepting that everything is glorious. Perhaps things are not anywhere near glorious at all, and we’re putting on a show that everything is good. Perhaps we have some unresolved issue to clear up. Some emotional baggage to let go of. Whatever it is, it is keeping us from moving in the direction we want to go. Opening the lines of communication for an honest heart to heart might be what is needed. Hanging on to resentments doesn’t do anyone any good. Work through it so we can be happy and move forward.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a 22/4 day ahead of us. This is a number of the Master Builder. This is an energy that wants to build a solid future based on cooperation, dignity and mutual effort. This is just what will come in handy today!

Today’s Crystal

I chose Amethyst to accompany our cards for its calming qualities as well as the Quartz family qualities of removing negative energy and opening our intuition. All are things that will help us today.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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