Today’s Daily Draw

We could have some major changes happening in our lives, or that will affect us somehow today. Our cards, The Tower and Death Reversed, are both Major Arcana, so we know this could potentially be a big and lasting change. When The Tower comes up in a reading it is to let you know that, for good or bad, something is going to come crashing down. We’ve got to remember that we are all in a period of transition that began at the beginning of July, and with the Lions Gate open and peaking tomorrow, this is the time to let go of everything that doesn’t serve our highest good and embrace change. Whatever it may be, ultimately it will be for our good.

Of course, it might be scary and that is what our bottom card, Death Reversed, may be saying. Upright this card is about letting go of the old and moving into a new dawn. When reversed we are resisting that change. It could be we are not wanting to let go of an idea, a relationship, or a job. maybe we are feeling stuck and we don’t know what to do to free ourselves. The best thing we can do is to examine why we might be resisting. Consider what the possible outcome of this change might have. Like it or not, a big change is coming. It might be scary, it might not, but chances are after the dust settles we will see it was for the best, and we are in a better place because of it.

Today’s Universal Number

We have the energy of a Three Day to help us. This energy is very positive and creative, it will help us see the good in where we may only see something not so good. Remember all change isn’t a bad thing!

Today’s Crystal

The crystal choice for today is Rose Quartz. A nice choice too, when we are dealing with big, and potentially difficult changes we need to inject love into the situation.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!



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