The Lions Gate is Open

This year has been about change, about being willing to let go of all the things holding us down and holding us back. From both this life and past lives. In July we entered a period of even deeper permanent change. All of this has been preparing us for August, and the Lions Gate. This is an energetic event that happens every year, but because of the many synchronicities lining up, it’s even more powerful this year. The portal is named for the astrological sign it happens in, Leo.

To the Ancient Egyptians this was an important time. They didn’t call it the Lions Gate, of course, but it marked their new year and as the sun rose, Sirius and Orion’s Belt came into alignment with the great pyramid at Gaza. It also marked the beginning of the Nile floods, and with it, came a time of abundance.

As I said, the Lions Gate is an energy portal, a gateway, that is open from about July 26 to August 12. Its energy peaks August 8, then gradually closes. These couple of weeks are a time of spiritual upgrading. We have spent weeks working to let go of everything that no longer serves us in order to be ready for this tremendous opportunity. All we have to do to accept it, is walk through the gate!

Sirius is known as our Spiritual sun. When it comes into alignment with Earth each August it offers an energetic, spiritual and vibrational upgrades. It’s like a cosmic injection to our energy flow between the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives. When I think of this, the Magician Tarot card comes to mind. The energy of this card brings the spiritual and physical together. Letting us know we have the skills to create the life we choose.

The energy of the Lions Gate is about taking leaps forward. It is ascension energy. When the alignment happens a massive surge of light floods down from the universe awakening our DNA, activating a high vibrational code of awakening. Amplifying our intuition and our connection to our guides; codes to help us rise to another level and move forward on our path. With this ascension energy comes some physical symptoms like, being tired, frustrated, restless and anxious. They will pass though, so do your best to work through this time. Getting out in nature will help.

In order to access this level of possibility we must be willing to do the work, it isn’t always easy, but it is necessary. We must be willing to let go of all low energy emotions, thoughts and belief systems. We have to speak our truth, to stay in the moment, and focus on our goals.

To move forward on our spiritual path and reach our physical goals there are a few things we can do. Meditating is always a good choice. Using affirmations is a good way to manifest a goal. Writing down our goals and dreams in a journal and meditating on them every day is another good idea. And, don’t forget to watch for signs and synchronicities coming into your awareness pointing the direction to go!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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