The Weekend Ahead

We’ve had quite a few reversed cards this week, and as you see we aren’t done with them yet. The energy driving our weekend is from the reversed Emperor. Now, upright he is a pretty solid guy. He has a very commanding attitude, he is disciplined, practical, and structured in thought and action. But that is not this weekend! let’s take a look at our cards and see what we may be up against.

We are beginning with the Bottom card because the other three are responding to this energy. The Reversed Emperor is likely to have the upright energies being taken to an extreme. Keeping in mind we could be the ones displaying this behavior or it may also be someone we come into contact with. In either case what was commanding leadership could be tyrannical in nature or a total loss of authority, a loss of focus, discipline or both. The result could leave whatever each of us is dealing with floundering.

Friday begins with our only upright card and that is the Ten of Swords. At first glance this appears to be quite the dismal card. It hints at strife, defeat, failure and deception. With the energy of our bottom card feeding into this, we are likely to be feeling pretty done. Keep in mind this is a ten and, in the Tarot, it means we are at a point of transition. It might very well seem like we are beaten, but the sun is rising! Sure, something might have gone sideways today, that sometimes happens. It doesn’t mean all is lost. The rising sun in the back ground tells us there is hope. If we let go of our negative thoughts and ideas, we might see a way out of the dark.

Saturday brings us our second reversed card for the weekend and it is the Ace of Wands. Aces bring new ideas and possibilities. In the reverse ours is giving us the beginnings of a solution to whatever we may individually be dealing with. The problem is the energy of the Emperor could be draining our focus and confidence, causing us to not know what we want or what we are capable of. Don’t worry about it. Take some time to regroup and figure it out.

Sunday winds up the weekend with the Strength card reversed. In this position we might be having doubts about whether we have the ability to make any kind of progress in the direction we want to go. The thing is, if we pay too much attention to the what other people think and question our abilities; we won’t get anywhere. If we are committed to our goals, take the time to make sure we have a good plan and the resources we need then reconnect to our inner strength and truth, we will see we never really lost it. We just misplaced it for a while. With that reconnection, we can do anything!

Have a great weekend! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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