Jet in the Morning Light

The subject of today’s crystal post is neither a crystal, nor a mineral. It’s actually organic! We are talking about Lignite; the more common name is Jet, and occasionally it will be called Black Amber. Jet is the result of decaying trees that fall into water. Over the course of millions of years carbon is compressed forming this coal like stone. There are two types of Jet, hard which is the result of the trees being in salt water, and soft, which is by fresh water. Perhaps in a few more million years the result would be coal. It appears to be very dense and heavy, but it is surprisingly light, and takes a lovely soft sheen when tumbled.

The color varies from brown to black, and can be found basically anywhere there are trees and water. Some of the countries Jet is found are England, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain and the here in the US. On the Mohs scale it is a 3 to 4. Jet resonates with the Root Chakra.

The energy is lovely, and working with Jet has many advantages. It has a very protective energy that is said to protect against evil and negative energy. Jet draws negative energy out of your aura that affects how you think, speak and act. Some of the other qualities Jet has to offer are:

  • Meditating with Jet can help you find balance and harmony in your life by helping you re-evaluate your plans and helping you stay focused on your goal.
  • Can help you admit your mistakes and work to correct them.
  • It is said to improve memory.
  • It helps with past life recall and working through and heal past life issues.
  • Helps to release anger, fear, worry, stress and anxiety by transmuting these emotions to positive ones.
  • Supports proper function of the kidneys, liver and heart.
  • Eases pain from swelling.
  • Balances mood swings.
  • Helps ease depression.
  • Helps ease the stressors that cause migraines.

This brings me to the point in my post where I must tell you I am not a doctor, nor am I suggesting you leave the wonderous world that is allopathic medicine. I share these posts to offer alternatives for your health and wellbeing.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon




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