Today’s Daily Draw

Today could be a bit of a challenge and fortunately for us our main card is the King of Wands, because he loves a good challenge. Our bottom card is the Three of Cups Reversed. When upright this card is a celebration, enjoying time with family and friends. In the reverse, it could mean we may be feeling a little overwhelmed and aren’t in the mood to be adulting today, and just want to go it alone for a while. Maybe we could take some time off work if possible, to regroup, find some clarity and get priorities back in line.

This could be a very good idea, because with our main card being the King of Wands, we could have a new opportunity coming to us. The energy of this card encourages us to live like we mean it. Be the visionary and take an idea, see its potential and get it there!

Today’s Universal Number

today is a Six Day and this energy is a focus on relationships and the responsibility that goes along with them. We also have a responsibility to ourselves. If our well is dry, we are of no use to anyone, even ourselves. So, a little self love might be just what we need today.

Today’s Crystal

Indigo Fluorite is the crystal that came to mind when I pulled these cards. Its energy will help put some clarity to our thoughts, to help process thoughts and memories. The awareness that comes from this will help us put everything in place and recharge our batteries.

Have a fantastic day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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