Coffee Break Chat

It has been quite a while since I’ve had a Coffee Break Chat with you, but today is such a special day, I thought it was a perfect time to have one.

It is not just an average Wednesday, today is the day of a Black Moon. You may be thinking, what the heck is that? When there are two full moons in a month, the second is called a Blue Moon. In a month where the is a second new moon, that second is called a Black Moon. This is a fairly rare occurrence that happens approximately every 29 to 32 months.  

The Black Moon happening today is special because of several reasons. This planet as well as us, are in a time of significant change that began with the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde earlier this month. Energetically this energy is amplified not only with the Black Moon, but it is also a Super Moon, the Lions Gate is open, and Mercury goes direct today. I will talk about the Lions Gate in an upcoming post. 

So, what does a Black Moon do for us? A new moon is a new beginning. With a beginning there must be an end of something and this special Black Moon and its associated energies make this a time of deep cleansing. Expect old issues to be bubble up from there hiding places in the weeks to come. All our deepest emotions, fears, and desires will to come back. This type of change is not going to be easy on us. There is going to be drama. Our belief systems and loyalties will be tested. Relationships could be strained. But we must do the emotional work if we want to move forward. Patience and communication are going to be vital if we are to work through and release these emotions that are longer needed in our lives and are not working for our highest good. 

With an immense amount of energy for change working on us, we can focus on our intentions for the future because we are being offered a clean slate. Take some time today to sit quietly and think about what might need changing in your life, and what making that change could do for you and the future of the people you love. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 


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