Today’s Daily Draw

The underlying energy driving our day is the Magician Reversed. Upright it tells us we have the skills and the power, use them and go for it! But, it’s not upright, and for some reason we are either not using our skills or not using them effectively. This could mean one of several things. Someone may be giving us bad information which is sending us in the wrong direction. Perhaps we are afraid to try, or we are confused about what our goal or mission is. Whatever the cause, things may not be working out like we planned today.

Fortunately for us we have Judgement as our main card and she is upright. Judgement is a card of reflection, renewal and awakening, and she may show us a revelation of what is going on and what must be done. When this card comes up in a reading, we feel a deep urge to “Heed a Call”. Positive thoughts and action will bring a positive result just as quickly as negative ones will bring a negative result. What she is telling us to do, is to trust our intuition, speak our truth and take whatever positive actions are necessary to get things back on track. If that means wait and see the complete scope of what the issue is, wait! Check to make sure we have all the resources we need, and that we have a full understanding of what the goals are. If we do, we will succeed.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Seven Day and it is absolutely what we need. The energy of the Seven is a search for insight and wisdom, knowledge and understanding!!

Today’s Crystal

This seemed like a Fluorite kind of day so I chose Rainbow Fluorite to accompany our cards. The energy of this crystal helps us process information, it brings clarity and heightens our intuition.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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