The Weekend Ahead

It seems the further into this period of deep change we get the more challenges we are bound to encounter. Our Weekend Ahead is not immune to these challenges. What they are for each of us individually remains to be discovered, but our underlying energy is telling us to just keep working. Let’s take a look at what we may be working through.

Friday is bringing back the Eight of Swords. This time it is upright, hinting that any headway we made yesterday could be stalled out, and we are back to being blinded by fear and negative thoughts. It may be that we don’t have all the information we need, maybe we are doubting our abilities, taking on too much at once or don’t have a good plan in place.

Saturday could possibly give us a bit of a break. We had the Six of Cups come up for us. This is a card of relationships and memories. Perhaps we will enjoy the day spending time with family or friends. This would be a wonderful stress release for us as well as an opportunity for guidance and emotional support from people who care about us. The flip side is, we could also be escaping into memories of younger days when life was carefree. There is nothing wrong with memories, we just can’t live there.

Sunday wraps up the weekend with the Queen of Cups. This Queen could represent someone that might give us some emotional support which could help us gain the perspective we need. She is strong, loving and very intuitive. In touch with her emotions but is not overwhelmed by them. Any advice given is probably something we should pay attention to.

This brings us back to our Bottom card and its underlying energy. The Eight of Pentacles is about putting in the time to do the work. It’s about showing up and being committed to the goal. Letting ourselves wallow in negativity or reminisce about days long gone isn’t going to help us. If we hang in there and keep trying, we will reach our goal. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and know you can do it!

Have a great weekend ❤ Sharon

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