Today’s Daily Draw

This could very well be a difficult day. With the King of Pentacles being reversed, and our underlying energy of the Seven of Swords. It appears either we, or someone that we may be dealing with, is going to be off their game or acting dishonestly. When upright the King of Pentacles represents reaching a goal. It’s not working toward success, it’s having achieved it. He is about authority, control and knowing how to bring out the best in others. But he is reversed and there could be a feeling of being out of control or not having what is needed. Either we, or someone else could be feeling disconnected, or not seeing the value in ourselves, someone else or the situation we are dealing with.

The Seven of Swords is an interesting card to come up with our king. It hints at deception, betrayal, secrets and the feeling of trying to get away with something potentially less than honorable. It also speaks of the need to implement some strategy, and this might just be good advice for us. When the King is reversed it is likely that any long term thoughts and plans have been set aside or forgotten altogether. To get back on track , an open honest conversation may help. If we don’t have the power or authority to make a needed change it might be necessary to walk away and try going it alone.

Today’s Universal Number

The universal energy is a Nine today. In Numerology this is a big picture number, and a number of completion. Used well it can help us find the best solution for what we could be dealing with today.

Today’s Crystals

It seemed the one thing we could use the most when there is a loss of control and eyes are no longer on the long term goal, it perspective and clarity. I chose Clear Quartz and Iolite. Clear Quartz will help us by heightening our intuition and removing any negative energy clocking the facts of the situation. Iolite also helps our intuition as well as bringing clarity and balance to us.

Have a lovely day. Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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