Today’s Daily Draw

We will want to make sure our discernment is clear in our communications today. The cards that came up for us are Smoke and The Dream Catcher as our underlying energy. In native cultures smoke is used as a purifier and as a means of communication. When this card comes up it is telling us that it might be time to check and ask what the motivations are in a situation we may be dealing with today. Are they pure, or based in greed? This is an important question and one that our bottom card, The Dream Catcher is bringing to us. When it comes up it asks us to make sure we understand what is truly going on before we jump to any conclusions and maybe make a bad decision. If we are not doing the right thing for the right reason today, maybe it’s time to stop and regroup.

Today’s Universal Number

We have an Eight Day today, and this is a wonderful energy for us. Eight is about balance, order and structure. It will help us take a step back and have a deeper look.

Today’s Crystal

The crystal choice to accompany our cards is Malachite. Among its many qualities this will help us manifest any change we may be needing to make sure we clear out what is not useful and get back on track.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s guest reading!


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