The Weekend Ahead

This weekend may be a confusing one for us but if we take it slow and do our best to stay on course, we’ll be alright. Let’s take a look at the cards and see what is going on.

Our Bottom card for the weekend is the Knight of Pentacles. Now, the Knights are about taking action, but with the suit of pentacles time is a factor. We are dealing with the practical, everyday life stuff. So things can take time. Our knight is telling us to make our plans, plant the seeds, but not be in a rush for results. We have work to do and must be willing to put in the time. If we do, a successful outcome will be there. Keep at it, don’t give up.

Friday starts off the weekend with the reversed Chariot. I don’t think we’ve ever had this card come up reversed for us. When upright it is about balance and movement, but that is not the case for us today. In this position we may be feeling like things are out of control, like we’ve lost our direction or our focus. As we move through the day, keep in mind that this is a Five Day and plans might change. Things we thought were set in stone might not be. So, be flexible and have a plan B.

Saturday Brings us The Lovers. This is a card that focuses on harmonious relationships and the choices we make within them. It can also look at the relationship and choices we make on our own lives, and that is where we are today. With things seeming to be a bit out of whack for us, it might be a good idea to take some time today to go within and have an honest conversation with ourselves. What is it that motivates us? Are our belief systems in line with what we want? And what is it we truly we want for our lives?

Sunday is here and so is the reversed King of Cups. Upright he is man who is grounded and in in full control of his emotions. Today we might not be so grounded or feel like we are in control. Rather than letting things get out of hand, we should do our best to face what is happening and ask ourselves what we can do to stay on solid ground. Don’t let emotion get the upper hand. Sometimes things don’t move forward as quickly as we may like or in the direction we would like to go, but getting upset and letting it affect us negatively for days isn’t going to help. Thinking clearly will be important this weekend. Remember the advice of out Bottom card and be patient, do the work, and hang in there. Things will get better.





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