Moss Agate in The Morning Light

Today’s post is about Moss Agate, also called Tree Agate, and it’s technically not an Agate at all. To be honest I can’t tell you why it is in this group of Chalcedony crystals which are members of the Quartz family. An agate forms in layers, giving them bands of color. This is clearly not that formation but, it’s all good! An example of the agate group that I have written about previously is Carnelian.

Agates have been used for centuries. Archaeologists have found Agate tools and charms in Neolithic settlements and burial sites. Some of the best sources are India, the Middle East and here in the US. Agate as a whole can either be milky or translucent. Moss Agate has inclusions of minerals which give it its mossy look and name. They can also have green, blue, red, yellow or brown coloring. It works well with the Heart Chakra, and on the Mohs hardness scale it is a strong 6.5 to 7.

This group of crystals has a strong connection to the earth and Moss Agate is no different. It helps you with the magick of nature, to open your ability to connect spiritually with Mother Earth and Devas. Moss Agate has been known to help plants grow well. Back in the day people would plant pieces of this crystal in their fields and gardens to encourage good yields.

When I do these posts, I try to explain why working with the crystal of the day is such an amazing benefit for people. Moss Agate, like all of the family group, vibrates lower than other crystals. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a hard worker. It helps you on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. The lower vibration makes today’s crystal give a very stabilizing and strengthening energy that works to balance emotional and physical energy.

On the physical level Moss Agate helps calm mood swings, it helps reduce stress, stabilizes and strengthens the body and helps it recover from periods of illness. It is said to ease nausea and heal infections. Moss Agate is also said to reduce sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants.

Emotionally this crystal helps you release old fears and habits that keep you trapped. This allows a feeling of self-worth to grow, encouraging self-expression and the flow of new ideas. The result being that trust and hope in the future increases.

Physically and emotionally this is a very beneficial crystal to work with but, spiritually this is a powerhouse if you want to move forward on your path. Moss Agate helps you create your life’s purpose, guiding you on your journey. Anyone can talk the talk; Moss Agate will also help you walk the walk.

If all this is not enough encouragement to find a piece of Moss Agate and begin working with it; there is one more tidbit of information. Moss Agate is a crystal of new beginnings that attracts abundance on all levels into your life. I have a piece in a glass of water that I am drinking from. The energy is amazing!

This brings me to the point in my post where I must tell you I am not a doctor, nor am I suggesting you leave allopathic medicine. I share these posts to offer alternatives for your health and wellbeing.

Blessed Be ❤ Shay




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