Today’s Daily Draw

Change is in the air today, and it’s coming from our bottom card, Death. The energy of this card is about endings and beginnings. As the underlying energy of our day we can expect some kind of change. When Death pays us a call the change he brings is usually deep, and profound. It may seem difficult in the moment, but hang in there, be honest. Some times we just need to let things go. It might be time for something new.

Out main card for the day is the Queen of Cups. When she comes up for us she tells us to listen to our intuition. Things might be confusing and perhaps a bit scary for us but one of the qualities our Queen has to share is that she is connected to her emotions but is not overwhelmed by them. She is here to let us know, no matter what happens we can handle it if we don’t let the circumstances that come at us take control. Instead we can pour all that emotion into something creative. Something new!

Today’s Universal Number

How interesting that our universal number for the day is 22/4. This is the Master Builder, and its energy helps to tear down those things that are no longer serving our highest good! Perfect!

Today’s Crystal

I chose Moonstone for us today. Moonstone’s energy is very loving. It increases our intuitive abilities and helps us take steps that will help os grow and move forward.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Shay



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