Today’s Daily Draw

There is potential for the day but we might be feeling like we aren’t quite ready for it, and chances are we’re not. This potential comes from the Two of Wands. It tells us we have an idea and have done some research and preparation but we’re not ready to move full on with our plans.
This energy is coming from our bottom card the Five of Pentacles. The message it has it that we might be dealing with some insecurities. Maybe we’re not feeling prepared, or we up against some unexpected roadblocks.
The best thing we can do today is, our best to work through the issues. Explore all our options, consider the long term goals. Make our decisions, check to make sure we haven’t missed anything important, and finalize our plans. The number five is about movement, so keep going. Stay committed!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Two Day ahead of us. The energy of the two is about compromise and finding harmony. We will have decosopns to make today. We should do our best to make choices that give us peace and confidence that we are doing the right thing for us.

Today’s Crystal

Todays choice was a toss up but I chose Dragons Blood Jasper to accompany our cards. The energy of this crystal gives us courage to stand in our personal power. It helps us find creative solutions and keeps us determined to achieve our goals. It acts like a shield against negative peopleand give us confidence. All things that will be a help to us today.

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