Today’s Daily Draw

Our week begins on a high note with the underlying energy of the Ace of Wands. Aces are about new beginnings. For us this could be a new idea or opportunity that lights a fire of potential in us. This will make us want to beginning the process of making it a reality, and that is all well and good, but we have a couple things to keep in mind.

The first thing to consider is our main card, the Six of Pentacles reversed. Up right it talks to us about giving or receiving help. In the reversed position that help may come at a cost. There could be strings attached to this idea or opportunity that we might not want to be wrapped up in. Before making any decision about pursuing this exciting new path, we need to make sure all the details are fully up front and understood. The last thing we want is to find out too late that we’ve made a bad or costly decision.

The second thing we might want to keep in mind is that Mercury is retrograde until the end of the month. Starting anything new during this time can be tricky. This doesn’t mean we can’t, it just means we will need to ask a lot of questions, and make triple sure of all the details. Read any contracts carefully before signing, or better yet have your lawyer look them over. Certainly, don’t allow anyone to push a quick decision on us.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a One Day. This energy is all about beginnings, getting out there and making things happen. While that is a wonderful energy to have, it may not necessarily help us today. Get going on an idea, sure, we just need to be careful that we aren’t charging blindly forward.

Today’s Crystal

I chose Red Calcite to accompany our cards today. As a Root Chakra crystal it helps give us confidence and energy but I chose it for the grounding and protective energy it will give us. Being excited about a project can lead us off into the wilds of bad decisions. Being grounded will help us make good and fact-based ones.

Thank you, BJ, for today’s Guest Reading!

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