Buckle Up!

An eclipse is like a doorway leading to new possibilities. They always bring forward bits of buried emotion to be dealt with and released. We are currently in an eclipse period that is a gateway to transformation which will be felt planet wide. The series began with the July 2nd solar eclipse. With the upcoming lunar eclipse on the 16th this energy will carry us to yet another eclipse in December, then into a brand new decade.   

This sequence happens every 18 years and brings big changes in its wake. When we look at the number of planets currently retrograde, four, the intensity of this series is magnified and potentially world changing. Mercury is one of the planets currently retrograde until the end of the month. For us this means that the upcoming eclipse on July 16 could very well be an emotional one as it is moving through both Leo and Cancer. We can expect some very strong emotional reactions if we aren’t careful. Go within, examine and release what is no longer needed in your life. 

It is also coming extremely close to Pluto, making things even more emotional for us. This process is a good thing though, perhaps in hind sight for some. What we are looking at is major endings, but also amazing new beginnings. Things will come up that need to be released, so be brave and let the old thoughts, beliefs, habits and relationships go that are keeping you from becoming your very best self. 

Buckle up, the next few months are likely to be a bumpy ride. Lives will change, the planet will change in deep, profound and permanent ways. We are moving toward a new level of healing and release that we haven’t seen in thousands of years. Don’t resist the changes, embrace them because there is no going back. The Age of Aquarius is coming!  

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