Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s draw gave us two stage cards. The Two of Pentacles as our main card and the Four of Wands as the underlying energy driving our day. Having two stage cards tells us something might be going on behind the scenes we aren’t aware of, or perhaps we are fooling ourselves in some respect about what is going on. Whether or not this is true for each of us is for us to figure out.

The Four in numerology is a number of stability, order, discipline and building a solid foundation. Wands are fire energy, creativity and growth. With all four wands firmly planted in the ground, we get the feeling of celebration from this card. In the background there are two people welcoming us with bouquets in the air. When this card comes up, we have a reason to celebrate. The canopy of flowers and fruit tell us we are protected and this is a time of peace and harmony.

To get to this harmonious place we need to deal with our main card, the Two of Pentacles. Two in numerology is a card of balance, harmony and communication. In the Tarot, it is about making choices, adapting and defining our priorities. The man in the image is walking away from some heavy waves behind him, while at the same time juggling two pentacles. Chances are there is an important decision to be made that will affect our home, family health or finances. Perhaps we’re feeling like it is more than we can handle right now. Remember, this too, is a stage card and our hero is walking on a grey surface. He may think he is ready to make a choice, but It’s likely he, as well as us, do not have all the information we need. Naturally we want to make the best decision possible, so take the time to find all the answers and information we need. It might look like a good deal, but looks can be deceiving. We need to know what our long term priorities are. What are our goals? Is this idea or opportunity as solid as seems? Check the plans, review the facts. Talk to a trusted friend or anyone else who may be affected by our decision and see what they think. Once we’re confident that we have everything we need, go ahead and make the decision.

Today’s Universal Number

How appropriate that today’s energy is the Seven? This number holds the desire for knowledge and truth. Seven won’t take anything at face value, it’s going to check for itself!

Today’s Crystal

I chose Amazonite today. The peaceful energy will keep negativity away and will help us find the truth we are seeking.

Balance, Have a wonderful day. Blessed Be ❤ Shay


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