The Weekend Ahead

As much as we might want to do things on our own, it is not always the most practical choice. It appears our bottom card is telling us this concept is something we might be struggling with this weekend. Let’s take a look at the cards and see what could be in store. 

Friday gives us the Ten of Wands to begin the weekend. This is a pretty interesting card. On one level it is a card of completion, while at the same time it isn’t. The Ten of Wands tells us we may be taking on extra responsibilities, or thinking we are the only ones who can get something done. Whether we are carrying this load in our work or personal lives, we’re almost there and pushing forward to the finish line even though there is a lot of pressure on us. We don’t have to play the martyr or the victim. Share the load, delegate tasks, ask for help. 

Saturday brings us the Two of Wands which tells us we have some decisions and plans to make. Perhaps we made it through yesterday’s heavy load successfully or not and now we are overlooking what we have accomplished while considering what is next. The message is we aren’t quite ready to make a move. Before we can take on the world, we need a good solid plan. Consider any and all possibilities then decide how to get started. 

Sunday rounds out the weekend with the Three of Swords reversed. With this card we are needing to let something go and move on. It could be that whatever we are dealing with over the course of Friday and Saturday didn’t turn out as planned and as painful as it may be, we have to move on. 

This brings us to our Bottom card and the underlying energy of our weekend. The card that came up is the Three of Pentacles. As much as we might want to go it alone this weekend, everything could possibly go smoother if we work as a team. This is a card of collaboration, working together to build something solid that will carry us into the future. Granted, we all have responsibilities but that doesn’t mean we have to carry the entire burden on our shoulders alone. Communicate! Ask for help or advice, if we are working as a team on a project, make sure everyone is on board and contributing. It will take work, but with help, the load will be easier to manage, and the weekend might flow nicely. 

Have a great weekend. Blessed Be ❤ Shay 


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