The weekend Ahead

There comes a time for each of us, when we must examine our goals, our dreams, our ideas and beliefs. We must decide if they are still what we want for our lives and whether it is something we still believe in. The cards that came us for us this weekend have us looking at these things and perhaps defending them to others. Let’s take a look at the cards and see what they have to say.

The underlying energy of our Bottom Card is from the Page of Cups, telling us we are looking at how we might feel about our situation, new ideas and opportunities that may have been presented. This will be important for our weekend, because when we are honest with ourselves about how we feel, what we want, what we believe we will stand strong and nobody can shake us.

Friday starts our weekend with the Knight of Swords taking action at a full run. That is all well and good if we have a full understanding of what we are charging toward. Making sure we know what the potential obstacles might be and what the consequences of our decisions could be before take them can make all the difference. Do the research first, then toss the hat in the ring and get going.

Saturday looks like we might have hit a roadblock with The Magician in the reversed position. Upright he tells us we have everything we need to create the outcome we want. Reversed we could be questioning our decisions, our abilities or our skills. The message of our Bottom card might be particularly valid today. Take the time to consider if what we are doing is in fact what we honestly want. Do we believe in the project or whatever the situation may be?  If so, examine whether we have all the information we need, and do we have the resources available to make it happen. If not get them. If what we are doing is no longer valid for us bow out gracefully and pursue what is. There is no shame in changing our mind.

Sunday has arrived with us standing on our rock with the Seven of Wands. We have found what we are passionate about and are standing up for what we want and believe. This card tells us we are in a strong position. We should stay committed but perhaps what is needed is some good old-fashioned communication. Be open and honest, speak your truth and let everyone else as well. If everyone understands your idea and why you feel so strongly, we may swing them over to our plan. The possibility also exists that perhaps someone will open our eyes to an option we hadn’t considered which will improve what we thought was a solid idea. It all hinges on communication with ourselves and others this weekend.

Have a fabulous weekend ❤ Shay

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