Golden Topaz in The Morning Light

This beauty looks like Citrine but it isn’t. What we have here is Golden Topaz. I tried capturing the beautiful rainbows in this piece, you can see them a little. There are two types of this crystal, Golden Topaz and Imperial Topaz. Both have a gold color, but Imperial Topaz has a touch of pink and is used for making fine jewelry. Golden, is a powerful spiritual stone and manifestation tool that has been used across the ages. It can be found in countries like Russia, Brazil, Pakistan and in the US in Utah, Colorado and Texas. Topaz can be found in other colors like orange, red, green, and blues which is actually heat treaded yellow. On the Mohs scale it is a strong 8 and it works well with the both Solar Plexus and the Sacral Chakra.

I mentioned that this crystal has been in use for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians considered it sacred. The Romans believed that it gave people strength and power, and Ancient kings believed that the crystal would change color in the presence of poisons.

This is a loving, positive energy and is an amazing crystal to work with. It gives confidence and strength to manifest intentions, but only those that are in alignment with Divine Will. Golden Topaz will help you stay focused on the path that answers the why you came to this life! It will give you faith that it is possible to bring all the good things into your life that are for your best and highest good.

Some of the other characteristics of Golden Topaz are:

  • Helps you recharge your energy
  • Relieve stress
  • Helps you hold strong to your ideals
  • Helps you be aware of God consciousness
  • Helps you contact your spirit guides
  • It is believed to improve eyesight
  • It is believed to help insomnia when put under a pillow
  • Helps improve concentration
  • Strengthens your personal will and passion to stay on your path

If this crystal sounds like something you would like to work with, I encourage you so seek out a piece and give it a try. I believe you will like its energy as much as I do. Remember that I am not a doctor and am not suggesting you leave allopathic medicine in all its wonders. I am merely suggesting alternatives to increase your health and wellbeing.

Blessed Be ❤ Shay



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