Today’s Daily Draw

With the air of change still around us we are bringing something out of the fire today. Something we thought was ended, or finished for good. Whether this is a resurrected idea, a relationship or something else, our cards The Phoenix and Two of Wands are telling us to step out of our comfort zone and take a risk. We might think that the idea of going back and taking a second look at something we may never have considered an option is a huge thing, but consider the long term goals and decide if this new old situation fits. Chances are it may. Don’t reject an old idea just because it didn’t work in the past. Take it, shake it out and have a good look. It just might be what we need today.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is absolutely perfect. We have a Four Day and this will give us the structure and stability we need to think clearly and consider our options.

Today’s Crystal

Malachite is the choice of the day. Its energy will help us have the confidence to step out of our comfort zone.


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