Pietersite in The Morning Light

Known as the Tempest Stone, the subject of today’s crystal post is Pietersite. This mixed Tigers Eye/Hawks Eye stone is rare and has very high energy. It was found in Namibia Africa in 1962 by a man named Sid Pieters. He registered the find with the British mineral society and named it Pietersite to honor his Father.

The colors of this stone are those you find in shimmering Tigers Eye; blue, brown, red, black and grey. It works well with the 3rd Eye, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Pietersite activates these chakras, increases our personal will and intuitive ability. Aside from Namibia it can also be found in Hunan China.

Pietersite is a wonderful choice for spiritual growth. It is known as a spiritual activator, which means that it reminds us that we are a spiritual being living a physical life. This stone helps us find our direction by recognizing our lessons and the benefit of them so we can move forward along our life path.

Some of the other qualities of this stone are:

  • Helps access the Akashic Records
  • Clears negativity
  • Clears energetic blocks in our aura
  • It is a powerful protection stone
  • Protects against electromagnetic energy
  • Helps connect you to the etheric realm
  • Aids meditation
  • Helps creative people believe in themselves and their abilities
  • Helps you have the will power to overcome negative habits

If working with Pietersite seems intriguing, I encourage you to seek out a piece, work with it and see how it might help you. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and because of this I am not in any way suggesting that you leave the allopathic medical system. I am simply suggesting alternatives to enhance your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Blessed Be ❤ Shay

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