Today’s Daily Draw

We have an interesting situation today. Our main card, the Eight of Pentacles, has us hard at work, but chances are we’re not making the kind of progress we thing we should. This is because our bottom card, The Moon, is giving us the energy of illusion and deception. When the Moon comes up in a reading, we could be deceiving ourselves about something, or we might not have a full understanding of a situation we’re dealing with. Things may not be as black and white as we think they are. If working hard isn’t getting us anywhere, we need to be willing to take a good look at the facts. Is there a truth we aren’t accepting? Do we have all the information we need? Are we concerned that we don’t have the skills or the resources needed? Are we fooling ourselves in some way? we can get where we’re going but it is going to take work. Be diligent, keep at it, and do the work necessary to make sure we have a full understanding of whatever we are dealing with today. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions and listen to your intuition.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Five Day ahead of us and we know this means things could be a little wonkey. With a five energy we can’t be too rigid. flexibility will help a great deal, especially if we are working on something that may not be going as planned.

Today’s Crystals

Obsidian is the crystal choice of the day. I chose Black Obsidian because it brings hidden things to the surface so we can deal with them, and helps us take off the rose-colored glasses to see clearly. I also have Purple Obsidian for its ability to bring revelations, and it helps us trust our intuition.

Have a wonderful day ❤ Shay

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