Today’s Daily Draw

Our cards are a heads up that we could have some potential communication issues with family, friends or coworkers. When there is a clash of ideas, expectations or attitudes, tempers can flare. The result is frequently heated disagreements or all out screaming matches. The cards Fight and Practice are here to remind us that while an old-fashioned argument can be a good way to clear the air, fighting is never the answer and should be a last resort. Our bottom card, Practice tells us not to be discouraged. Open communication isn’t always easy. If we are committed to keeping things moving, we will have to keep at it. Don’t let communication issues cause problems. Let everyone have their thoughts heard and understood. Knowing someone understands our point of view takes the stress down, and if everyone is being heard, a compromise is more likely to happen. 

Today’s Universal Number 

We have the energy of a 22/4 day. As a Master Number this is the Master Builder. The energy of this number helps us create a strong foundation we can make dreams a reality. 

Today’s Crystals 

I chose Malachite and Carnelian to accompany today’s cards. Malachite has a protective energy, and encourages honest expression. Carnelian gives us courage and persistence. 

Thank you, BJ, for today’s Guest Reading! 


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